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October 7

This week I began my well log analysis topic note for the Hoffman Well Log. It is still in progress due to long contemplations over how to approach the subject, as well as the present construction of a VBA application to help break down the data. My aim is to have the topic note and accompanying VBA app done for next week.

In the meanwhile I have written a user manual for my well chart application. It is zipped in .rar format. My hope with this is that it makes understanding the well query and chart application easier, particularly for students, as some may begin using it soon.

September 30

I have added two more additions to topic notes, both of them fairly brief. The first is an introduction to caliper logs. The second is a write-up on original oil/gas in place. Suffice to say the subject of topic note shifted.

The agenda for this week is to begin a write-up that analyzes two of the well logs included in the site. In fact, as of this writing, work has already begun. This analysis will use the principles and ideas that have been covered in my previous Topic Notes. Since the goal is to make this analysis as extensive as I can, it is the only topic note on the agenda for this week.

September 23

Topic Notes has been updated with three pages of notes on basic geology. These can be found here (page 1), here (page 2), and here (page 3). Unfortunately, due to these three pages and other obligations I have not yet had the chance to write my gamma-ray correction topic note. That will be the agenda for this week. In addition, my e-mail has been added to the Reach Me page until I get around to making a contact form.

September 16

Topic Notes has been updated to cover some of the basics of gamma ray logging. This topic note makes use of the Gaydusek W II Well Log, particularly as it relates to SGR, CGR, Thorium, Potassium, and Uranium readings on the log. Further research on the topic of Vshale has revealed a mistake in a previous topic note due to errors made by my source. This has since been corrected.

Due to an upcoming quiz I have begun a topic note for basic geology, which, while something of a deviation from previous topic notes, should nonetheless prove informative. This topic note will span multiple self-contained pages, but will not take the place of my weekly topic note updates. On top of basic geology, I intend to go over gamma ray correction for next week's update.

September 2 - 9

Topic Notes has been updated with a note on Correcting Rt for Invasion. This is accompanied with another well log application, Gaydusek W II. This well was chosen because its log reflects the information one would find in a resistivity-rich log. It has all the details you would need to determine Rt and Rxo in the event of an invasion. It also has information relevant to gamma ray, which will be the focus of the next few topic notes.

Other changes have included a re-do of the front-page update section (which you see here) to include tabs (which you see here). As I continue to add content each week, separating updates will make for a more organized front page. Updates will no longer be made bi-weekly. Expect updates every week.

August 19 - 26

Completed two topic note writeups; one on induction and laterologs, and another on invasion. Will be adding more over the next two weeks.

August 13

Despite a one week hiatus on updates several features have been added to the site, most notably the Topic Notes section. Outdated content updates have been removed, and with them the update notification for their respective week (June 22nd, 2015). Two new pages of content have been added to Topic Notes along with some back-end changes to the site. The agenda for next weeks update will include more content for Topic Notes.

July 29

Added a queryable visual chart on my well executable that can be searched by depth. The agenda for this week will see a complete re-do of the instructionals section, which will be renamed 'Topic Notes', with appropriate content to follow. Am also debating whether to expand features on my well log application, or leave it as it is and search for other executables to work on.

July 20

Work continues on my well log analysis application. Additional query specifications have been added so that users can query based on delta, resist, SP, and GR, and I will soon have a chart to visualize the well data.

July 15

The Executables section has been updated with a prototype well log analysis tool. A sample LAS file has been converted and stored in MySQL, and can be queried based on well depth. Currently investigating any additional features that can be added to this executable.

July 8

I have re-uploaded a more complete version of my Rzasa and Katz condensate gas ratio Java application which can be found on this link. Please know that the application is more designed as a demonstration, as values will be a close estimation to the chart itself, but might not necessarily be exact.

July 1

A VBA excel executable has been added to the site.

June 19

Website re-launched... again... this time with more feeling. Certain pages will be completed as entries are made. In the meanwhile, previous features are being re-made to be more feature-complete.